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Wholesale Baby Massage Oil – New Born Skincare to Support those who support families

The baby massage oil has recently been a runaway success for me here at The Skincare Connection. Working also in the birth world, with families that have recently had a baby, I have connections with some amazing service providers.

Baby Massage Oil

Believing that my product was beautifully formulated and perfect for a new born skincare product, as well as legally tested for safety and efficacy, I offered the oil to one very local baby massage group.

Little Yoga Warriors has been a loved and well respected community of families taking part in classes run by Jess Rothenberg – herself making a 180 from her previous career to offer a wide range of classes including baby massage, pregnancy yoga and sensory classes.

So impressed with the baby massage oil, after trying many other options herself, she now consistently uses The Skincare Connection baby massage oils in her classes, and is happy to recommend The Skincare Connection products to her clients.  

 The combination of organic sunflower seed oil (the most commonly utilised baby massage oil) with golden jojoba, has a texture that feels wonderful for both the baby and carer, it skinks in quickly and effectively without leaving a greasy residue, the oil penetrates the skin pores without clogging them, allowing the skin to breath freely at the same time rejuvenating itself with the oil’s moisturizing effect.  

The colour is bright and golden – as indicated by the name, something else that the parents love to see, it really is a step up from the more regular oils out there. I am fastidious about products that go onto new born skin, i.e. no nut oils or fragrance, the combination we have in our product has proven time and again to help soothe, nourish and relax when used in conjunction  with baby massage techniques.

Little Yoga Warriors is based at the Little Warrior Studio in Kent – details below

In addition the following classes across the country use The Skincare Connection Massage Oil – please see links and social media below –

Early Connections Instagram – Baby Massage based in Hampshire Early Connections Facebook classes in Medway

Sophie Thompson classes in Totnes Devon

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