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What’s the deal with antioxidants?

What are antioxidants? Antioxidants this antioxidants that – something I hear all the time when I have a second to take note of the 100s of skincare adverts we are see.  But what are they, why should we care about them and where will we find them in our skincare products?

Here’s the tea – (green is best!)

Antioxidants are naturally occurring in vitamins and minerals which help protect the skin against damaging aspects of our environment. This includes UV rays, free radicals (that’s a blog I’ll write for another day) so I’m talking about pollutants in the air, chemicals, cigarette smoke which attach themselves to collagen in your skin and suck the life, soul, and party out of them. 

Antioxidants are really one of the most important ingredients in your skincare products – because oxidative damage is invisible, and EVERYWHERE.

We’ve talked a lot on here about various vitamins, and what they mean for your skin – and this blog connects really well.

Vitamin blogs

I think the important ones to keep our skin protected are Vitamin A, C and E.  They contain the widest range of antioxidants and will work the hardest.  Your hero in my products – is apricot kernel oil. Its my go to in the balms and covers such a wide range of skin issues, radiance, protection healing amongst others.  Sweet almond oil – with soooooo much naturally occurring vitamin E – your skin barrier will be repaired and protected., found in the facial oil

Antioxident rich serums are your best bet for intensive treatment for your skin – both fixing your skin and preventing further damage.

But you know what to use day to day to literally block those free radicals – its that SPF!

Let me know if you’ve learnt something below!

Love Ellen xXx

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