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Vitamin C – and I’m not just talking oranges

Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients that you can include in your skincare routine to help brighten your skin (think dark circles be gone) even out skin tone (sun spots – banished) and protect your skin from day to day damage.

What is Vitamin C

It s a powerful anti-oxidant, which, when used as an ingredient in your skincare routine can take your skin to the next level – improving fine lines, hydration and overall quality.  Neutralising free radicals in the atmosphere (your absolute skin nightmare). It calms inflammation and skin stresses which contribute to aging the skin (think a stressed skin cell)

Vitamin C for skin

Because of this – it needs to go into your AM routine – give it the chance to help fight off those nasties.

I’ve got super sensitive skin…can I still use Vitamin C?

If you use it correctly – think little and often, Vitamin C shouldn’t cause any issues or flare ups. However, if you know your skin is of the easily offended type introduce it gradually. By that, I mean twice a week to start with and use a product with a low percentage concentration (10% and under)

What does it look like on and ingredients list?

Vitamin C is a master of disguise and we all know that INCI (ingredients lists) are great at hiding the vital stats!  It can go by the name of

L Ascorbic Acid – the chemical name

Vitamin C Ester – it’s a non acidic version of Vit C and so is a good option for sensitive skin

Ascorbyl Phosphate – a weak form of vitamin C and can be dissolved in water – hello serums

Nikkol VC-IP – Vit C complex which goes into oil based products – hello moisturisers

But of-course girls – it takes consistency!  Nothing happens overnight – expect to see changes after 6-8 weeks of use.

Where can you add it –

Cleanse first, once in the morning – see link – This is a must!

Vitamin C Toner – see link Pixi Vitamin C Tonic – I LOVE this but its not for the faint hearted/skensitive type

Hydrating Mist – See link – The Body Shop Vit C Mist – you know I love mists and this is where my Vit C journey started – its a great entry point product.

Serum – see link – another Pixi product I love

Vitamin C Moisturiser – see link – I love this super cheap moisturiser – I don’t spend loads on moisturisers and this does lovely job

If you have any Vitamin C products you would like to suggest please do in the comments below.

Love Ellen


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