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The Journey So Far July 2021

The journey so far….

January 2020 – who could have predicted the following 18 months – I’m certain almost no one.

The plan to launch The Skincare Connection in April 2020 was set in stone, as things developed throughout February and March – I questioned whether it was the right thing to do, should I postpone, should I forget it altogether.   Feeling the sense of community support growing, people were keen to help independent businesses – I knew I had to push on.

April 1stcame and went with fantastic local support, I will remember that hot spring vividly driving round and delivering skincare to customers that had come to me via Instagram.  In those first weeks, the Mother and Baby balm stormed off the shelves, I was making new batches weekly – the formulation was a winner for little ones suffering with eczema and allergic reactions.  Also, the balm was perfect for soothing dry, cracked and broken skin from all the hand washing our skin was becoming accustomed too.

I took part in the first WonderList event after reading about it on Instagram – this was a brilliant opportunity for me to get the brand out wider than my own Instagram page – it was such a brilliant experience, but huge learning curve – I didn’t have enough stock ready, my packaging left a bit to be desired, and I had it pointed out to me by my friend that I had been folding the boxes inside out!!

After this and across the first Summer – I look back on my self-designed labels and CRINGE – they were awful and bad quality – things had to change if I wanted to push the brand further.  A wonderful independent designer – Hazel, based in the Philippines helped me with a rebrand – I was amazed, we conversed over email, she got the brand straight away, sent me a mood board and colour palette – I loved it and could really see how it could open up for future products.  Another skincare formulator recommended a label company that could print the type of labels I need for oil based products and I really felt like things were moving!  Wonderful brand photography by Stacey @ Ivitamay Photography and my own skills in photographing helped with Insta!

Two more WonderList events including a storming Christmas – I am hopeful that this year I will be able to get out and sell face to face as well as online.  Never being a retailer before I have learned so much, marketing, branding, goals, targets, stock the list goes on!

Running a business is full of ups and downs, and there are days when I think I would love the security of a salaried job, but my passion for helping people and providing fantastic quality products keeps me going, its true when people say, every time and order comes in, a small business owner does a little dance!

Ellen xXx

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