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That filter life – it’s not your fault!

That filter life – it’s not your fault! Let’s choose TO NOT go along with that narrative – because you know what – flawless skin DOES NOT exist.

Does flawless skin exist?  Well frankly – the answer is no – our rational minds do, our heads do – but we are BOMBARDED on the daily by pictures, graphics, videos that have been airbrushed by a computerised programme. Literally a robot – we have gone way beyond a graphic designer matching a skin tone and blurring out blemishes.

That filter life comparison

As you know I try not to use filters on my Instagram, I may use a joke one occasionally – but I believe me it’s important for me to be open with my followers and customers with what I use, how I use it, and the results it gives.

And don’t get me wrong – I get why people use filters – I understand why . The filters or filter users are not the issue here – it’s the narrative we are shown and listen to everyday. I know so many people that wouldn’t dream of posting an unfiltered picture, or something that wasn’t ultra flattering for fear of how people would respond, something isn’t right here.

That filter life Khloe
Khloe Kardashian – whilst airbrushing a photo air brushed out half her necklace.

Those who follow me – know I am a fully paid up member of the cult of Kardashian, Housewives are my heroes and the E! Channel has been a permanent fixture on my watch list for years, I have always known this is entertainment – these people have 10 – strong glam squads, I’m lucky to have a 10 minute glam session!

That filter life

If I hear another celebrity say “the secret to flawless skin….?” followed by an image  of them stroking their own face and holding up a mass produced, 50% water product, probably tested on animals I’m going to scream.  It is just not a realistic ideal for us to live by.

That filter life Katy
Katy looks amazing in the left hand pic – but the right hand pic is what we are fed.

How can we ever aspire to look like something that a robot has produced?  I’m not saying I don’t want to target my brow lines, or work on some areas where I have some pigmentation – but I seriously would never expect my skin to be flawless – how can I? there are too many variables that actually make a HUGE amount of difference in our skin health.  Sleep, stress, hormones, nutrition, I could go on.

Does anyone you know have a flawless personality, or a flawless body or a flawless face, and you know what – that’s ok – it’s cool!

Remember the filter life is not one to take totally seriously, and its not your fault!  I have added a video to this blog of an app that changes the face the picture of which I took at 7pm on Friday 1 October 2021 after a day of work – no make up, a cold coming and a slight allergic reaction to my new puppy – hello realness!

A subtle change using the Remini app

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