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Skincare Routines – KEEP IT SIMPLE

Hoping that you don’t see the phrase “skincare routines” and eye roll the screen!

I want it to be something you enjoy, explore, and want to be a part of your day – certainly not a chore.

So, I’m here to help you KEEP IT SIMPLE. If you follow skincare accounts on social media, or read in the glossies – you may feel overwhelmed, 17 step Korean skincare anyone? (I do like 7 skins method – that’s a blog for another day) but realistically we just don’t have the time, and you know what – the stamina. Have a look at the graphic below to help you with your absolute basic morning options.

Skincare Routine


An oil based cleanser will help clean and clear any residue of dirt that maybe remain from the night before and prep your face for the next stage…..



A simple toner – exfoliating or not, plant based or not – depending on how your skin reacts…keep your eyes peeled for the most beautiful toner from The Skincare Connection coming soon.

Hydrating Mist – you know how I love them!


Allow your toner to dry – then mist so that your skin is damp ready to receive your serum!

Skincare Routines Serum
Serum – spend your big money here


Serums are your potions – working the magic, usually in small, glass bottles – pick your serum to help with your specific skin issues – hydrating, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, rosacea

Skincare daytime oil
A simple day time oil or moisturiser


By now you’re ready to get on and glow! Simple and straight forward you want to start wrapping things up, get your SPF on and then your make up. We have got the most high quality, but incredibly simple day time oil on the way for you. I love a facial oil, and am determined to help those who are fearful of them understand that they DO NOT make your make your skin more oily – its just not that superficial.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this skincare routines blog – links in the blog for products you may want to by especially our cleansing balm – the hero Universal Balm

Love Ellen


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