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Nothing New in 2020!

Nothing New in 2020!

Did I do it – you are wondering? Have you been thinking of my struggles all year?!

As I scroll through my Depop purchases – (5) and eBay winning bids (6) that’s 11 things I have bought this year. As the temperature dropped in Autumn, and my skinny jeans became threadbare – I did dip into Sainsbury’s for some new ones and as we went into the second lockdown, some new leggings – but I tell you cost per wear both have repaid themselves fivefold.

I won’t go into every purchase, that’s boring, but they did cover a range of clothing: jeans, tops, a coat, fitness and yoga wear and all mid-price designer. No shoes, no underwear, no swimwear, no nightwear.

depop Paige Jeans RRP upwards from £100 bought for £16 Feb 2020 (puppy not included)

I did continue to buy for my children and have often thought have I replaced a bit of spending on me with spending on them, but when I give it some thought. I think the answer is no. I have always been a bit stupid about dressing them and have many a friend I have passed clothes and shoes onto.

During the main lockdown in March/April/May, I wondered if I would be lured back into the buzz of online shopping, but I wasn’t really, there were other things to focus on!

As restrictions lifted and shops began to open again, I ventured into some local charity shops to get some bits and bobs for the house. I enjoyed that shopping for all the reasons you can imagine! Good for me, good for others, everyone’s a winner!

I have indulged a little in new skincare options lotions, potions, serums and creams and have really enjoyed that. I wonder if I will ever be released from the buzz of the spend.

Towards the end of the Summer, I wondered if a little shop up would pep me up after a long lockdown and long summer, but pushed through and joined the gym instead….that’s blog for another day! I think the pandemic has helped, there was no longer an option to pop into the shops or use that as an excuse for some time out of the house, so I had to find something else to do!!

Dennis Basso Faux Fur winter coat RRP £245 bought for £14 from Depop

I can confidently say that my whole approach to shopping and spending money on clothes has done a complete 180 degrees. I can’t see myself going for a “shop up” or splurge in the near future, If I see something I like or a trend I like, I always have a look on Depop or Ebay and without question – there will be something available on those platforms to buy. I’m not saying never say never, but my thought process is now totally different. For my birthday and Christmas this year – I did have a few bits bought for me, and once I asked my mum to give me a pair of joggers she had and I would buy her a new pair – but she said no!!

It’s difficult to quantify the impact on my finances, I wouldn’t have a “clothes budget” so to speak (perhaps I should have had one!) so I can’t say how much I have saved, but think it could be somewhere in the region of £1000-1500, but that is a guess. I am pleased though, as I know I have been able to use that money elsewhere – during what has been a difficult and worrying year.

Would you try it? For a few months or a year? I would love to hear if you have done anything similar or planning to – I would definitely give it a go!



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